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Background becomes visible in the column headers after resizing column


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    • 6.3.0
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1- Go to any app. i.e. Pages App
      2- Change the width of any column in a the list
      3- Collapse the Actions Bar or Resize columns so they are smaller

      (See grey area in the screenshot)

      Actual behavior:

      The grid is not resized and the newly available space is not used.

      Desired behavior:

      The table to always take over all the available screen space. Either when the action bar gets collapsed or when the user resizes the columns. The user should never and empty grey area.

      • When collapsing the action bar, the grid should proportionally adjust to the new space available
      • When resizing the columns, if
        • moving the cursor to the left – the left column should shrink and the right column expand (check table example video)
        • moving the cursor to the right – the left column should expand and the right column shrink (check table example video)

      In case the above is too complicated, we can discuss and consider making the last column (column to the right of the grid) to take the available space.

      IF Quick fix, then include it in MVP

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