I'd like to move the Shop' modules groups of the Apps screen.

      • We move the "Sample shop" into the non-permanent area, right below the "edit" group, and give it the same red group color.

      The "Sample shop" represents content a customer would edit often. Similar to pages or contacts, this content could be important and thus be accessible always.

      • We rename and move the group for managing all shops.

      If we rename it "Manage shops" to fix the problem with overlong texts and to make it correspond more with the "Manage" group above. That's why we also assign it the same blue group color.

      By positioning it to the very left we elevate it from the more technical, tool-focused groups as "dev" or "tools".

      • I still would like to keep the "Manage shops" in the non-permanent area, as all or most of the functionality it offers is already covered by any of the permanent shop group.

      I originally wanted to use a yellow or light green color from our set of safe group colors, but unfortunately the current implementation of these group tiles is wrong. The tiles with yellow and green background color do not allow us to also change the text color to improve the contrast between text and background. Thus I don't want to use it more prominently, in a permanent group.

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