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Add "light-module"-placeholder to component/page mgnl-cli-prototypes


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      Currently create-component and create-page copy the (optionally customized) prototype and replace the containing "__name__" placeholder with the passed name argument. When using customized mgnl-cli-prototypes, a placeholder for the name of the corresponding light module could be useful as well. E.g. for having light-module-relative import paths or adding prefixes/suffixes with the name of the light-module.

      The logic for this should currently be in "@magnolia/cli/lib/createComponent.js#65", where only the "_name" placeholder is passed to the _createFromPrototype.create() function.

      edit: To avoid ambiguity, it might be a good idea to rename "mgn-cli-prototypes" to "blueprints". I just realized this, when writing this ticket, as "prototype" in magnolia now has two different meanings.

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