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Get a light-module package from npm repository


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      Provide a command to get packages by supplying their names as arguments.
      mgnl install [package-name-1 package-name-2]

      The name install connotates that it will be ready to use (as in the npm command), so it should attempt to install them to the current magnolia.resources.dir.
      If successful it should output where it installed the module.

      It should offer an option to install to the current location or another location, with --path.

      Magnolia is promoting npm as the place to share light-modules. It should be easy and clean to get those modules. There are other more sophisticated approaches - such as via the "build" command. But there should be a way to just easily get a specific modules.

      The npm install command does this, but has the downside of downloading it into a node_modules directory, this is clunky and could be confusing.

      Additional notes and rationale:

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