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Aborting page properties dialog leaves traces in workspace


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      Steps to reproduce

      • In pages app create a new page, give it a name, click next
      • In the pages properties dialog click commit. (A validation error is shown)
      • In the pages properties dialog click cancel.

      Observed behaviour

      A new page is created however it is missing the mandatory cookie consent wording - compliance type. This can be seen by opening the pages properties dialog for the newly created page.

      Expected behaviour

      When cancelling the pages properties dialog on a new page, no page should be created at all.


      The page node is already created when clicking next on the initial add node dialog right before the page properties dialog appears. It is at this point where the "invalid" page is persisted.

      According to rkovarik there was a decision at some point to not keep unsaved changes in memory between request. As a consequence we need to rethink how to do validation across multiple request.

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