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      A common task for developers and authors is to refresh the page editor (and the page preview) to reflect the current configuration, content, or resources.

      Typical developer workflow is to modify templates, and then to refresh the page editor to see how their changes reflect the page. They might perform this operation 50 times in an hour.
      An author has this requirement when they edit content in another app (assets, categories, custom content app) and then want to see how this reflects the current page.

      The current workarounds are

      • to switch subapps via tabs - ie go to the page tree and back.
      • to close the editor subapp and open it again.
      • toggle between preview and edit modes.
      • use the browser refresh button.

      All of these workarounds are less efficient than a simple refresh would be because they involve an additional action on the server (ie rendering/refreshing the tree again.)
      More importantly a user is a little confused about how they should perform this refresh of stale content to see thier updates and need to discover a way to do it.

      Perhaps this could simply be implemented as an action in the action bar. Or maybe it makes sense to use a different GUI element.
      (But I would be dissapointed if the feature was delayed too much to develop a custom GUI element)

      Extra credit:

      1. Eventually it should have a keyboard shortcut.
      2. It would be even more excellent if after a refresh the page editor would still be scrolled to the same location and have the same edit bar state. Maybe this would be easier to implement based on the other page editor improvements in the linked ticket. However I would hate to see this ticket delayed just to fulfill this feature. (This feature could be a separate follow-up ticket.


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