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Indicate the number and type of selected elements in page editor



      In order to clarify the selection in the page editor, we should show the type and number of selected elements in the status bar, much as we already do in the status bar of lists, trees and thumbnail views.

      In the lower left corner of the status bar, we should at least show "1 component selected", "1 area selected" or "1 page selected" (even though there's always only one element). If possible and feasible, I'd like to also show the actual type of the element, e.g. "1 text/image component selected", "1 extras area selected" or "1 Home page selected".

      Indicating a selection is basically good usability citizenship, especially because a selection is sometimes also not visible when the user scrolls content. I've had reports that users didn't realize that they accidentally worked on a component, which was not visible at the time that happened, but below the fold. That happened, even though the action bar changed the availability of the actions - since some users increasingly work with a closed action bar, the selection is even less apparent since the title of the action bar is then not visible.




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