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Improvements for new m6 security app


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      1. Wonky dialog pops up when adding a workspace to a new role. It stops you from being able to create a role. You can in fact but it's really not obvious. Blocker imho.  
      2. Status column filters don't work in Users/Groups/Roles. Not a blocker imho but must be fixed.
      3. X to close app behavior when resizing the window is not nice (ask Julie for video or explanation). Nice to have imho.  
      4. When you close a tab, you're redirected to the Users tab (even if you close a role or group tab) instead of back to where you were working. Nice to have imho.  
      5. Full name field in Roles and Groups could be deleted. Nice to have IMHO.  SECURITY-88
      6. When you click on User permissions/Group permissions/Group members/Role assignments, the tab that opens should be called something other than SecuritySECURITY-89
      7. When you click on User permissions/Group permissions/Group members/Role assignments, the columns have incorrect headers: jcrName and sourceWorkspaceName. SECURITY-90
      8. When you duplicate a role, the ACLs should also be duplicated. SECURITY-91
      9. Redirections to source from user/group/role assigned permissions tabs  SECURITY-92
      10. Port for 6.3 and remove all deprecated code from it  - SECURITY-87
      11. Unit tests SECURITY-93
      12. Move translations from language packs to module and try to create localization files for new app  - SECURITY-74
      13. Currently there is a single password field in the new Security app instead of 2 fields with "Confirm your password" like the old Security app SECURITY-94
      14. The password field is filled when editing, a single change will lead to have a new password (new one is the hashed pwd with a little change) SECURITY-94
      15. When clicking "User permissions" action, it opens in a new tab which only has "Security" as a title. Same for similar actions like "Role assignments", "Group permissions" etc. Instead, something that helps identify the user/role/group being inspected would be needed. Also, they always open in the same tab, instead of opening a tab per resource. SECURITY-89SECURITY-95
      16. Clicking "User permissions" action again on a different user, it opens in the same tab as previous one. This is inconsistent with "Edit user" action, which opens in a new tab for every user edited. SECURITY-95
      17. In "Edit user" dialog, it is needed to press Tab twice to navigate to the next input field (probably because the first Tab keystroke) leads to the "Hint" behind the input box, even if the Hint is not visible. SECURITY-96
      18. Reproduce this:  SECURITY-97
        1. Create a user and give it a username "user". This creates a user with "user" in the JCR path. 
        2. Duplicate the user. This creates a user with "user0" in the JCR path. 
        3. Try to edit the "user0". This brings up the Edit dialog, however the tab name is still "user" and the username is still "user" (instead of user0). This is confusing and doesn't let you save the user0 immediately after creating and editing.
        4. This is most likely due to the reason, that we store username in path AND in a node property.
      19. In some selectboxes, options should be sorted alphabetically. The behaviour should be consistent and sorted alphabetically, making finding the needed Groups/Roles easier. SECURITY-98
      20. There is an action to Move users, but no action to move Folders. SECURITY-99
      21. Using the Move action, it is possible to move users under other users. Expected is that you can move a user only inside a folder. SECURITY-100
      22. Clicking Cancel on Groups Editing tab returns the user back to Users tab. Clicking Cancel on Roles Editing tab returns to Roles tab (so properly back). Ideal behaviour across the board is: You click Cancel for Editing a group / role / user and you're returned to the respective tab, with the just closed User/Group/Role selected.  SECURITY-75 CHECK
      23. Groups can contain themselves, creating an endless circle. A group contains itself. Does this make sense? SECURITY-99 CHECK other possible cycling
      24. Review how tabs open - for users, always a new tab is opened for every new edited user, for Groups and Roles, the Tabs are re-written with the newly edited content. SECURITY-95
      25. When editing a role, in the list of permissions, we keep repeating the word "Permission" so many times for every ACL rule we add. I think it would be nicer and better readable to simply skip that "title".  SECURITY-101
      26. Deleting a folder with Users in it triggers a confirmation dialog that warns you you're about to delete the folder AND a bunch of users in it. This is not the case for Folders with Roles and Groups, these folders are immediately deleted with all contents in it without any confirmation and without a possibility to restore the contents. SECURITY-102

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