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LightModule resources distribution: Define a convenient best practice




      Using light module development approach for front end leaves a couple of questions open in regards of: How to use it and distribute changes on life systems.

      A main problems I see is:

      • how to guarantie that the newest changes in light modules are distributed 100% equally trough all instances?
      • how can a customer know which node has wich state of resources loaded? (How can I be sure public2 has the same resources as public1 or public3).
      • When setting magnolia.develop=false changes in the light modules (file system) are detected, BUT the JS & CSS is still served cached. And we have no mechanism to flush the caceh on public instances (except activating something).

      My suggestion:
      We could define a simple best practice approach:
      They are observed & loaded & managed on the author, and distributed to publics as (JCR) CMS content via the publication mechanism.
      Meaning that on the life public instances the resources are not loaded form a light module in the file system, but from a distribution over JCR.

      • the author loads the light modules from the file system
      • It provides a possibility to create a "live" set of it -> copy them into JCR repo.
        This is in oposite to a "hot fix", its a recursive creation of the whole light module. Of all in it, not just one file.
        Either all or none, not split-able (except by hot-fixing one singly).
      • This "live" set would be published.
      • A version of the whole tree would be created.

      What it solves / advantages:

      • All the main mechanisms we already have: Hot fixing for JCR copies. The loading cascading (classpath/filesyste/jcr), Publishing with transactional activation.
        So not that much would have to be developed.
      • On public its all within the CMS -> clone one public, you have it.
        No need to think about the file system & resources in scope of public instances.
      • Transactional activation ensures that its in sync on all publics.
      • JCR versioning would provide:
        • Clear knowledge of what was when active
        • Possibility to roll back
      • As its activation of content, Cache will automatically flush -> JS & CSS are re cached.
      • Also simplifies for OnDemand, plugging in more Public nodes on the fly.
      • It is not contradicting of using on life a file system approach., just remove the activation possibility on the author.

      I see the chance of defining a convenient approach which can be easily be understood and sold.
      A proper & clear "best practice", rather than that every customer needs to find a way to use it, even all they want is using it a simple/standard way..
      And it is not restrictive to anybody, you can still use any file system based approach in combination with Git etc if needed.


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