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T Key Summary Affects Version/s Fix Version/s Original Estimate Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Sub-Tasks Development Project Project Name
Sub-task MGNLPN-173

MGNLPN-174 Missing move constraints in personas/segmentation app

1.0 1.1.x Unassigned Roman Kovařík Neutral Open Unresolved  
Magnolia Personalization
Sub-task MGNLPN-169

MGNLPN-174 Can move a page variants outside the Variants node using drag and drop

1.5.2   Unassigned Andreas Weder Major Reopened Unresolved  
Magnolia Personalization
Sub-task MGNLPN-168

MGNLPN-174 Can move a page underneath the Variants node

  1.1.x Unassigned Andreas Weder Critical Open Unresolved  
Magnolia Personalization