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Apps layout redesign and improve the hover styles on favorite items


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      It is required to update the layout to match our prototype -> https://preview.uxpin.com/a603cd19e8994cdbcc49616301fcc08682182602?_gl=1*1xxbz19*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2NDgyMDY5OTMuQ2owS0NRancwUFdSQmhES0FSSXNBUEtIRkdpWnNERnU1bVhXbUZNSUt2N1BNUUs4eTRnZTM4Qkl5eFdTZjJudHd3dmVjSDVIRm42dEJFa2FBckZERUFMd193Y0I.#/pages/148859274/simulate/sitemap?mode=i
      Styles: * Remove grey border around popup, it's only white with a drop shadow

      • Hover over apps should be green, not grey, and the app icon should turn white
      • Size of the apps should be 80x80 px
      • Border color of apps should be #F2F2F2
      • Font of app name looks tiny, as per mockup it is Roboto Medium, 12px, character spacing 0.3 (can we fine tune together?)
      • A long app name should break to second line, that's why we need to move position of icon and name more to the top (can we test with a long app name?)

      Development notes

       This mostly requires updating the dom in the elements (see https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/PLATFORM/repos/ui/commits/ec4397b1a2dbf644fcec89f2feae086512138e6d#magnolia-ui-vaadin-common-widgets/src/main/java/info/magnolia/ui/vaadin/gwt/client/applauncher/widget/VPermanentAppTileGroup.java) and some css

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