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CLONE - Re-structure profiles workspace and disable indexing


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      Source of the problem: MGNLSSO-322 found slow indexing issue

      One of the biggest contributing factors to slow indexing is Too many entries in JCR at the same level.

      Here for user profiles, we don't expect much more than few hundreds/thousands of entries

      Proposed solution

      We should do both in below:

      1. as mentioned disable indexing for the profiles workspace, afaik we never query the workspace, we only access by absolute path (worth double-checking).
        • we can do that standard, like we do forĀ imaging. Beware that this config may only apply to newly created workspaces (i.e. fresh install), we would need to add RNs for "emptying" the SearchIndex config in the existing workspace directory on the file-system, and we could start doing that in 6.3 only
      2. re-structuring the workspace, and give a proper API facade for this functionality. This enables further user preferences and "personalized" use cases, especially with projects increasingly using SSO and at a larger scale than before.

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