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Compatibility with JDK 15 / Tomcat 9.0.43


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      As the community-maintained Docker image for Tomcat only maintains images with JDK 15 since Tomcat 9.0.43 - which is the newest Tomcat 9.x release at the moment of opening this issue - we would really like to get that to work with Magnolia even though this is not part of the certified stack yet. After starting an instance with version 6.2.6 on Tomcat 9.0.43 with JDK 15 we got the following critical error, however:

      Cannot invoke "com.google.inject.Injector.getBindings()" because "target" is null

      Subsequently Magnolia couldn't be started successfully. Is there a change required in the dependencies of Magnolia? Is there an estimate as to when Magnolia will support JDK 15 and/or Tomcat 9.0.43? Maybe that progress can be tracked here.

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