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[Timebox] Replace MockComponentProvider with a Guice base componenent provider in JUnit5 extensions


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      The ComponentProviderSupport JUnit5 extension is backed by a MockComponentProvider instance. We should try to replace this with a Guice base component provider:

      • MockComponentProvider keeps static state, has an unclear lifecycle and it is often unclear when and where to call ComponentTestUtils.cleanup.
      • First step to deprecating ComponentTestUtils
      • GuiceComponentProvider would reuse the code from the Magnolia production setup
      • GuiceComponentProvider could prove harder to troubleshoot though (no bindings validation before actual injector creation)

      We should spend ~3 days to figure out whether replacing is feasible, there are any major roadblocks, incompatibilities or unexpected difficulties. At the end of this task we should be in the position to decide whether we want to do the replacing or not and how much effort it would be.

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