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Configurable way to end links with slash


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      Frequently we are getting requests about how to generate links with a slash at the end rather than dot html or nothing at all. We need a configurable way to tell the system (LinkUtil) to generate links with a slash at the end. Mostly for SEO purposes.

      The new configuration might make sense here /server/rendering/linkManagement/transformers.

      endLinksWithSlash = true

      Probably it would need to override any value that is configured here /server@defaultExtension

      Another option would be to allow '/' to be an acceptable value for /server@defaultExtension

      One of the issues we face is there is no easy way to override LinkUtil. It's not in the server config nor is it defined in a module descriptor.

      The system is already capable of handling the ending slash. All of these links work:

      First, you will need remove the html value of /server/defaultExtension property (but this leaves the "." at the end of generated links).
      So second, to be able to use just "/" as default extension you have to modify info.magnolia.cms.beans.config.URI2RepositoryMapping class and its getURI method. Like this:

          public String getURI(Link uuidLink){
              String uri = uuidLink.getHandle();
              if (StringUtils.isNotEmpty(this.handlePrefix)) {
                  uri = StringUtils.removeStart(uri, this.handlePrefix);
              if (StringUtils.isNotEmpty(this.URIPrefix)) {
                  uri = this.URIPrefix + "/" + uri;
              String nodeDataName = uuidLink.getNodeDataName();
              String fileName = uuidLink.getFileName();
              String extension = uuidLink.getExtension();
                  uri += "/" + nodeDataName;
                  uri += "/" + fileName;
              if(StringUtils.isNotEmpty(uri) && StringUtils.isNotEmpty(extension) && !StringUtils.endsWith(uri, "/")){
      -           uri += "." + extension ;
      +           uri += extension ;
              return cleanHandle(uri);

      With that change in magnolia-core you will no longer get hardcoded "." before extension and (also google sitemap module) will use this new format with default configuration.

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