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Personalization cache on inherited personalized components not working



    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: personalization
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      Debian (hosted), OS X (local development)


      Hello Magnolia Team,

      we've run into another issue regarding personalization and caching.
      (Last year i already opened a ticket under https://jira.magnolia-cms.com/browse/MGNLADVCACHE-94 with a similar problem).

      Short description:
      In PersonalizedCacheStore#isPersonalized (or as well in PersonalizedCachePolicy#shouldCache) there's a visitor running to check the requested page node for any personalized components. The problem: The visited node is not wrapped with an InheritanceNodeWrapper, so any personalized components inherited from a parent page aren't visited which will of course break the cache since magnolia will treat this page as a normal page and not a personalized page (In this case, if a personalized page was cached first, all users after that will get the same personalized page displayed even if they don't match the traits).


      I'll also provide an example:

      On the project we currently have an "Overlay" Area inheriting components to all subpages. In this area we have a personalized component which should be displayed under certain conditions.

      Hope this is somehow understandable
      (right now it's not a time critical issue since we are still in the "experimental" phase)

      Visiting the root page it's fine:

      (Breakpoint in PersonalizedCacheStore#isPersonalized)

      The component itself (correctly wraped with the variant):

      Visiting a subpage:

      (The personalized component is correctly displayed on the subpage)

      This will lead to the method returning false and thus wrongly caching the page as a normal page.
      I could also reproduce this on the current demo instance.


      I already thought about possible solutions:
      The most reasonable solution I came up with would be by modifying the visitor to wrap the visited nodes before visiting them by using DefaultInheritanceContentDecorator#wrapNode.
      Maybe there are easier solutions to that issue or I'm missing here something 

      Thank you in advance for investigating the issue!


      On behalf of AllSecur

      Olaf Kozlowski
      Lemonize GmbH




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