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Automatic bootstrapping and configurable import-task strategy


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      MGNLCI-22 adds the necessary capability to provision bootstrap files while the system is not running. However the current situation has a flaw which causes additional import tasks to be created at every startup which is very irritating and confusing to developers and administrators.

      Two possible approaches to address this (maybe there are others):

      1. The new 'magnolia.content.boostrap.initial=true' property should cause detected files to be imported only when the Magnolia instance is installed, not at every startup. This would be most consistant to the known behaviour of the bootstrap files that modules supply or that are placed in 'WEB-INF/boostraps' directory.

      2. The system could keep track of which files have been imported, so that at every startup it would only import files that it had not already imported. This is related to what has been reported in MGNLCI-14.

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