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INT test publication workflow for MEDIUM prio scenarios


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      Write the functional tests for MEDIUM prio scenarios fro the publication workflow.


      • Publish single page on root level
      • Publish a nested subtree incl. children
      • rejection of workflow
        • rejection works
        • editor is notified"

      Note 1

      The scenario descriptions are prepared - but they are on a separate branch.
      => https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/PLATFORM/repos/dx-core/commits/484896cecba3bbc7aedcb649d6afdb0d07fc5afe
      (Because when it was created, somebody else worked on HIGH prio scenarios and tests already).

      Note 2

      We must tackle / resolveĀ MGNLTEST-160 - before these test can be done - because in some of the scenario we switch the user (logout/login).
      In the high prio tests we have been "worked around" this by using the same user - but here - i propose - we should insist in swapping the user - especially on the scenario "Rejection of workflow".

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