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FacetedSolrSearchProvider#removeOutdatedIndexes performs really slow for us resulting in dramatic search performance


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    • 3.0
    • 2.2
    • Solr 4.10, MacOS, Linux
    • Sprint 6 (Kromeriz)
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      Since Magnolia Solr 2.2 the performance of our search functionality has becomes really slow (searches often take > 10 seconds and sometimes much more than that). Debugging reveals that the culprit is the new FacetedSolrSearchProvider#removeOutdatedIndexes method. For some queries this method takes an enormous amount of time. The Solr search query itself is always really fast.

      Our index is really quite small (443 documents, text only) and we use the default Magnolia Solr Module schema.xml and we use a crawler (not an indexer) in the content-indexer module.

      I am not sure what the issue is but for now I would really like the ability to disable the removeOutdatedIndexes functionality altogether. Why would you want to do this for every single query in any case? Can you as a start please make this functionality optional in the configuration of the Magnolia Solr Module?

      As a workaround for this issue we are now forced to write our own FacetedSolrSearchProvider but this is really painful since most of the methods in this class are private and therefore cannot be overridden.. We pretty much have to copy the entire class with is not something we want to do. Can you please make all methods protected at least so that we can extend this and other classes in the module?

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