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Make sure rich-text editing works again on the iPad


      We had to disable rich-text editing entirely due to problems with CK editor and other, similar rich-text editors. Samuli and Sasha have already done quite some research and proposed solutions to work around this problem, but we haven't done anything yet.

      We should find a solution to re-enable rich-text editing on the iPad (and possibly other tablets as well).

      Results of testing ckeditor on iPad

      • ckeditor Vaadin addon 7.8.8 (latest)
        • based on ckeditor 4.3 (latest)
      • Vaadin version 7.1.8
      • iPad3 iOS6

      NFL Vaadin PoC: doesn't work

      • toolbar is greyed out
      • only by chance you get the keyboard displaying
        • you can spend minutes trying to tap on the editor body in vain
        • if you find the sweet spot, then you can enter text which is also greyish but you cannot delete it
        • could some problems stem from the fact that the widgetset was draft compiled?

      CKeditor Vaadin addon demo page: very shaky

      • no problem in getting the keyboard displayed
      • but then it's almost impossible to select text or move the cursor to a different position in text
      • entering text occasionally doesn't work
      • deleting char by char works

      Ckeditor official (plain javascript) demo page: works reasonably well

      • selecting a text down in the page and then trying to climb up again to the toolbar e.g. to format it works a bit funky (selection remains dangling as you scroll up and down the page)
      • no problem in getting the keyboard displayed
      • no problem to select text or move the cursor to a different position in text
      • no problem to enter/delete text

      Maybe for the iPad would it be worth to use a different editor such as http://xing.github.io/wysihtml5/ which claims support for Safari on iOS 5+ and in the worst case degrades to a textarea?
      Tried on the iPad3 iOS6 and seems to work fine.

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