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TreeView should also scroll to selection when used from favorites or after a move action



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    • Critical
    • 5.2.7, 5.3
    • 5.2.2
    • tree/list


      Some improvements have been made in MGNLUI-2004 which causes correct behaviour when you switch views - for example switching from the search results view to the tree view. But there are other cases that still do not work correctly.
      Known cases:

      • When you click on a favorite for an app that is already open, the list is not properly scrolled.
      • When you use the Move action, the list is not properly scrolled.

      The reason I consider this critical is that the above functionality appears to not be working properly, you see the app, but not the item that you acted on.
      Having a selected item that is offscreen is dangerous because you could perform an action - and not know which item you are acting on.

      Note 1:
      For the Move case, I thought the problem might be the early return in TreeViewImpl.select:
      if (firstItemId == null || treeTable.isSelected(firstItemId))

      { return; }

      Because basically it can't work with the above code because the item being moved was previously selected.

      But even after commenting the 'return;' out it still did not work.

      Note 2:
      I notice that opening a bookmark does scroll to the item if the app is open - but a different subapp is open. It seems that something happens when the subapp switches which allows the treeTable.setCurrentPageFirstItemId(firstItemId); to work, but just when the subapp is already open (and somehow the state of the table has changed?) that the setCurrentPageFirstItemId does not work.


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