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Adjust views to extend to the bottom of the page, if not all their items are visible



      Views showing lists, trees or grids of items should show a behavior

      The height of a view as well as its appearance is not correct yet.

      If a view is empty or showing all its items without having to display a scrollbar, it should nevertheless extend almost to the bottom of the screen, but leave some space for a (larger) gray status bar. The bar is visually part of a gray frame that surrounds a view. Currently, the view ends somewhere in-between.
      If a view cannot show all its items in the available screen estate, it should:
      show a scrollbar
      should look as if it extended all the way down to the bottom of the screen. This means that the previously gray status bar becomes white, leaving the impression that the "sheet of paper" showing the items of the view extends below the screen.

      Please note that the status bar - contrary to what is shown on most visual designs - actually features UI elements as well. More on the status bar: MGNLUI-75 (see also referenced issues)

      Most of the general apps layout definitions can be found in the style guide at: http://wiki.magnolia-cms.com/display/UX/Style+guides+for+Magnolia+apps#StyleguidesforMagnoliaapps-AppslayoutandTreeview




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