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Deleting folder of groups or roles doesn't properly check dependencies


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    • 5.3.11, 5.4.1
    • 5.2.10, 5.3.5
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      Deleting folders of groups or roles (security app) will always check for users having assigned a group OR a role with the name of the items in that folder. This might result in cases where one cannot delete a folder containing a group "foo" because there's also a role "foo" which is assigned to a user. Deleting a folder of groups should only check for users and groups having that group assigned (and not for those having assigned a role with that name) - likewise deleting a folder of roles should only check for users and groups having that role assigned (and not for those having assigned a group with that name).

      to reproduce:

      • open security app
      • go to groups
      • create a folder "untitled"
      • create a group "group-or-role-name" within the above folder
      • go to roles
      • create a role "group-or-role-name" (doesn't matter whether this is on root or in a folder)
      • go to users, select one (e.g. peter) and assign him the ROLE "group-or-role-name"
      • go to groups, select the folder "untitled" and try to delete it

      -> system will tell you, you cannot remove that folder because user peter users "group-or-role-name" but actually it only uses the so called role not the group and hence the deletion should be allowed!

      Note: also the provided error message should be improved (filed as MGNLUI-3093)

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