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Find a way to group form fields to properly structure forms




      We currently lack any type of structuring element in dialogs apart from tabs. If you e.g. look at the "edit asset" dialog, we just have a large sequence, a "flood of fields". We can do better than that, e.g. by separating core asset properties (it's name, media blog) from meta data sections.

      One of the basic things we need in order to properly design and structure forms is a way to group fields. Other useful structural elements would be accordions and tabs in forms. This issue, however, is only about a way to group fields.

      Such a group of fields:

      • can be associated with a name and/or an id so that we refer to it
      • may feature an optional title

      We should make sure that we don't simply introduce additional hierarchy levels in the already quite nested dialog definitions, unless we find no other meaningful way to group elemens.

      Technically, this would properly be rendered using an HTML "fieldset" element, so that we can take advantage of built-in browser support such as a way to disable or hide the entire group, or to mark it as read-only. We have to discuss if we also want to allow such a group of fields to be used in lieu of a regular field, i.e. in switchable or multi-value fields.

      This issue is part of an initiative to improve the author experience in forms by adding missing elements, which allow us to better structure forms. It also allows us to switch to better forms once we improve our content pool story further.


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