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Configuration properties not working in rich-text-editor


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    • 6.2.1
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      After upgrading to Magnolia 6.2 alignment, colors, fonts and fontSizes icons don't display in the toolbar of the Rich Text Field (both Magnolia 5 UI and Magnolia 6 UI framework)

      See https://documentation.magnolia-cms.com/display/DOCS/Rich+text+field. Seems to be not working because of a javascript error.

      Dev notes:
      Potentially caused by:

      • Config not picked up
      • 6.2 uses another integration of CKeditor with Vaadin - check custom config support in Vaadin 8 CKeditor wrapper; make sure all path-bindings still work, check vs. previous implementation
      • CKeditor plugin update (though it works on 6.1.5; CKeditor update was done for 6.1.3 already)


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