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DateField: Also allow to set a 'defaultTime' beside 'defaultValue'.


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      OTB one can either have as a defaultValue setting a specific Date or the current Date&Time (defaultValue=now).

      It would be nice if also a defaultTime could be set independent from the date value (defaultValue).

      Reasoning / the use case of the customer:
      Authors need to set always the same start and end time of the current day.
      So when they open the dialog, the defaultValue (date) should be "now", but the Time prefilled should be configurable.
      For example: %NOW% at 8:00 or For example: %NOW% at 17:00

      Possible implementation:

      • Extending the DateFieldDefinition with a defaultTime.
      • Adding into DateFieldFactory.getConfiguredDefaultValue() also the defaultTime value into account.
        Current blockers of this: MGNLUI-4270 & MGNLUI-4271

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