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Provide consistent behavior when Form Dialog is closed


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    • UI Framework 21
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      The OpenDialogAction currently binds the CloseHandler only to the FormView. This works fine, as long as the user clicks the Cancel button to close the dialog. However, if the user clicks the button on the top right of a dialog to close the dialog, the custom code for handling closing of a dialog is never triggered.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Edit a page in the pages app
      • Add a component
      • In the add component dialog click next
      • Click the button to close the dialog (don't click cancel!)

      Observed behaviour

      The action bar still refers to the component that was added and then cancelled (it shows "component")

      Expected behaviour

      The action bar should refer to the selected area (it should show "area"). Same as when the add component dialog is cancelled via the cancel button instead of the button.

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