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datasource-rootPath is ignored when it is set directly in the definition


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      Datasource definition is ignored when it is defined in the definition.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a content-type including a rootPath property (example attached in lm module)
      2. Create an app using the content-type above (example attached in lm module)
      3. Open the new app

      Expected behaviour

      Root path displayed for the new app is the one defined in rootPath property in the datasource

      Current behaviour:

      rootPath property is ignored and the app is displaying the whole workspace from /


      Decorate the datasource definition to include rootPath property.

      Development notes:

      The rootPath is not set here: https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/PLATFORM/repos/ui.pub/browse/magnolia-ui-framework-jcr/src/main/resources/contenttypes/appTemplate.ftl

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