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Dialog still visible after firing LocationChangedEvent


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      Cloned from MGNLCDEP-110 b/c this is relevant in any context where location change happens using the LocationController.

      When a dialog contains a field that redirects to another location by firing a LocationChangedEvent when clicking on it (no action buttons involved), it is not closed after redirecting to the new location and, therefore, it is not visible and not user friendly as they have to close the dialog.

      This can be reproduced in the dependencies tab from content dependencies module.

      Steps to reproduce in demo:

      1. Configure dependencies tab as explained in docs
      2. Go to pages app, travel/about and open the editor
      3. Click on "edit page properties" and go to dependencies tab
      4. Click on dependency /travel
      5. Dialog is not closed and redirection occurs behind

      When using Magnolia 5 UI with -m5 parameter, this doesn't happen, which seems closely related to the usage of info.magnolia.ui.framework.app.DefaultAppView in UI 5 instead of info.magnolia.admincentral.AdmincentralAppView used in UI 6, which in turn, means that Magnolia class method (info.magnolia.ui.vaadin.tabsheet.MagnoliaTabSheet.setActiveTab(MagnoliaTab)) is called in 5 UI whereas Vaadin class method ((com.vaadin.ui.TabSheet.setSelected(Component)) is called in 6 UI. There should be a way to close the dialog in the new UI.

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