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Improve column filtering


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    • Column filtering
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      Consolidate column filtering in M6


      Previous description of issue from which the epic was extracted:

      Expected results

      • I don't have to expand items to see filtered items
      • any hierarchy is not a performance issue (just the total number of items)

      Actual results

      • very deep hierarchy might suffer from perfomance issues MGNLUI-5806
      • I can't see how many items is matching the filter MGNLUI-6088 
      • expectation from tree filtering might differ PAGES-334 


      Development notes

      After internal discussions, the most natural solution seems to be to show a flat structure in case of an active filter

      • do not switch to list view
        • as columns might differ, size of columns might be manually adjusted
        • just display flat structure in tree grid
      • follow up issues: expanded items status might be lost
        • separate context/UI state holding info on expanded items

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