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Folders should be displayed in thumbnail view as an icon


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    • 6.2.16
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open assets app
      2. Open thumbnail view 

      Expected results

      Only assets are shown

      Actual results

      Folders are also shown, which don't show an icon so lots of empty thumbnails appear


      Development notes

      This is happening because when info.magnolia.ui.contentapp.browser.ThumbnailView instantiates info.magnolia.ui.vaadin.layout.LazyThumbnailLayout, it is making use of the configured info.magnolia.ui.contentapp.JcrDataProvider, which retrieves the configuration from the datasource definition, allowedNodeTypes property (mgnl:folder and mgnl:asset)
      On the contrary, in the old assets app, info.magnolia.ui.workbench.thumbnail.JcrThumbnailContainer was used, which includes a specific constraint not to retrieve items of type mgnl:folder

      Final solution

      Folder icons is use as preview for folders.

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