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NotificationPropertySetFactory fails on unknown field


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      After falling with an exception in Configuration App, if you click at the "Read more" button within the Warning Notification, it throws a Sub-app failed to start: detail error

      Steps to reproduce

      1.  Go to Configurations app at demo
      2.  Try to delete any module
      3.  After the error that Root, Level 1 or level 2 nodes can't be unpublished, clic on the "Read more" button of the notification at the top of the screen
      4.  Check that it fails when opening the notification and a Sub app failed error is thrown instead

      Expected results

      After click on "Read more" the full Notification can be read at the Notification detail section of the Notifications app

      Actual results

      The app fails to start (check notifications-app-fail.png image)

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not resolve property name comment from info.magnolia.admincentral.apps.notifications.NotificationPropertySetFactory$1@1f072584 at



      Development notes

      When accessing the notification detail from other app, like asset, it works. E.g, try to publish an asset that fails (public instance not accesible), then the notification appears and if you click the "Read more" button, it goes to the Notifications app and shows the full notification

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