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Model content with file/binary properties


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    • 6.2.15
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      As a project developer, I want to model content with file/binary properties so that editors can add images to content entries without leaving the form.


      • support multiple concurrent fields with arbitrary property names
      • do not require complex configuration or custom code (save action, item resolution strategies)
      • support delivery with facilities to resolve links to those binaries
      • offer a clear content-type property type and/or a clear, non-deprecated field-definition to configure such properties and editing experience
      • resolve confusion about upload-field (deprecated) vs. DAM upload-field (not deprecated, also unintuitively doesn't upload to dam) vs. link fields.
      • be usable in dam workspace without further linking (see SUPPORT-13193)

      Technical points

      • $type: uploadField definition has been deprecated since 6.2.4, see Upload field and DAM upload field; caution blocks in both pages advise "not to use" these definitions in certain context, without explaining why.
      • We currently go through interesting gymnastics to cover our internal usage:

        While damUploadField is not deprecated, it is no longer annotated as a field type

        —which doesn’t prevent actual usage, just makes it uglier, see this.

      • we are free to upload to DAM behind the scenes if we feel like, and as long as developer and author experience do not suffer from this.

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