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Editor gets no context about the result of a search in the page chooser


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    • 6.2.35
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open https://demoauthor.magnolia-cms.com/.magnolia/admincentral#app:pages-app:detail;/travel/about:edit
      2. Open the component dialog of a teaser component
      3. Open the page chosser by editing a page link field
      4. search for 'about'

      Expected results

      The search shouldn't just filtering the current view. It should show an additional path column in the current view. To get some space the name column should be flat (no indents).

      Actual results

      You can see that the editor gets no context about the location of the found pages.


      A] Add a path column for the tree view by decoration, but there is not so much space.

      B] Add the missing list view to page chooser. Possibly remove other columns to make more space for the path column.

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