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render CKE5 from the new FieldFactory in MagnoliaUI (with CKE5 "classic" aka simple layout config at first)


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      User Story: As an Author or Developer, I would like to use CKEditor5 as an engine for Richtext editor so that I can create, edit  the content in Magnolia both in Freemarker approach and headless


      The plan is to expose to the users 1 of 3 ways of CKEditor5 configurations to use with Rich Text Editor these wasy are: CK5 witch base setup, CK5 based on Magnolia plugin setup and cuztomized one. 


      In this ticket we want to introduce classic configuration: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/installation/getting-started/predefined-builds.html#classic-editor




      Expected result is to be able to edit in Magnolia App classic set of plugins available from CK5


      Acceptance criteria:

      • Im able to run the field through yaml definition
      • im able to use all plugins presented in classic editor and see result as formated text


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