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Findbar filter is slow with many users


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      Clicking on the filter icon in the findbar causes all users to be loaded. With many users this can be slow.


      This is a follow up to MGNLUI-5523 where loading the users was deferred to the point where he filter icon is clicked.

      In 6.3 loading might get deferred even further to the point where an actual editor filter is added.


      • How big is the current impact? With how many users can the current implementation reasonably deal (using standard PaaS instance size as a reference)?
      • Can we lazy load the users (similar to grids)?
      • Can we paginate the users so we don't have to load all of them?
      • Should we cap the number of users we support in the filter? How would that be communicated to the user and what alternatives do we offer?
      • Do we leave it as is for now?

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