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Easy start, stop, and logging of Magnolia


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      Its clunky to start and stop the magnolia server. mgnl makes it easy to download and install, but starting the server is a more complicated step.

      It should be easy to start, stop and log, on windows, osx and linux.
      For example, something like "mgnl start" should start the nearest server in a new terminal window/tab with logging.

      How this is handled exactly must be researched.

      During scrum we briefly discussed the open new tab issue and, since writing a cross-platform solution to it may be far from trivial, we decided to go for a simpler approach and run starting tomcat and tail (the latter if available) as a background process without leaving the current terminal.

      A new sub-command start has been made available. By default it will

      Start up Magnolia and display the logs. Magnolia CLI looks in the current working directory or parent directories for the nearest folder starting with "apache-folder".

      To stop magnolia and tail, one needs to enter CTRL+C which will try to stop Magnolia gracefully with the magnolia_control.* stop script.

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