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DOC: Component autogeneration and inheritance for SPA rendering


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      This is sample of rest endpoint:

      $type: jcrPagesDeliveryEndpoint_v2


      This is sample of template for autogeneration component: https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/DEMOS/repos/minimal-headless-spa-demos/pull-requests/34/diff#magnolia/light-modules/react-minimal-lm/templates/pages/basic-autogeneration.yaml

      This is sample of template for inheritance component: https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/DEMOS/repos/minimal-headless-spa-demos/pull-requests/34/diff#magnolia/light-modules/react-minimal-lm/templates/pages/contact-inheritance.yaml


      Require to run "@magnolia/react-editor": "1.3.1" at least for component inheritance feature. Due to a fix bug of https://jira.magnolia-cms.com/browse/MGNLFE-333


      • component autogeneration currently just support for #read_node and #get_children API only
        • Create a real component node in JCR when open editing page or call rest API directly
      • component inheritance currently just support for #read_node only.
        • Does not create real inheritance component node in JCR. So only when calling rest API or open editing page, user can see inheritance component nodes
        • Sample json response: . Name of inheritance component will be decorated. Like above img. Real name is "headline". But in json response, our rest endpoint will generate a unique name for inheritance component. User can use @path or @id to access the real node


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