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Rearrange the Apps screen to emphasize personalization as feature



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      I've discussed a rearranged Apps screen with Pascal in order to better promote personalization as a new feature when we release 5.3.

      The current layout chooses a different approach: it positions personalization as an every-day feature and thus spreads its apps among the existing groups. We'd like to change that and assemble all personalization apps under a single app group. That will put more emphasis on the new feature and positions personalization as an additional set of tasks you perform on content when putting it online.

      At the same time, we're also going to rename some of the apps and groups to make them more expressive. This may actually require some code changes as well.

      The list of changes are:

      • fix name of "Forum" app to be "Forums" (plural)
      • rename "Contacts" app to "Custom Content" on Apps screen (no need to rename it code or module or to change the name anywhere else, e.g. on the main/browser tab).
      • move all personalization apps into a custom group "Target" using the yellow group color
        • rename the "Preview" app to "Preview as Visitor"
        • fix name of "Segmentation" app to be "Segments"
      • rename the "Manage" group to "Set up"
      • rename the "Google Sitemaps" app to "Sitemaps" (only on Apps screen - no need to change it anywhere else, including the main tab).
      • reorder closed groups: "data", "tools", "stk", "dev"
      • change color of the "STK" group to be the light green group color (also requires dark green text font color - see here. The "Tools" and "Dev" group continue to use the dark grey group color.

      The attached screenshot shows the desired end result. It's an intermediate step towards more changes planned later on to better promote content apps and the content pool in a follow-up release.


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