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Non-selected values are kept in switchable field


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    • 6.2.37
    • 6.2.5
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      Steps to reproduce

      1.  Create a switchable field in a custom app detail form containing complex fields (use attached module, navigation-app the creation element form)
      2.  Open the form, select one of the options and save a value
      3. Check in JCR browser the stored value under /baseNavigationLinkSite
      4. Edit the created element by selecting another option, enter a new value and save.
      5. Check in JCR browser the new value


      Expected results

      Previous value should have been overwritten by the new value

      Actual results

      Both values are kept


      Select field property actually points to the last stored option which would serve to discard values that haven't been chosen.

      Development notes

      Despite using currentItemProvider as indicated in docs, values for each option are kept

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