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writePermissionRequired is not set in actions as in old pages app


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      writePermissionRequired is used to check writting permissions in a node. In the old pages app, it disabled all the actions that required write permisions. In the new pages app, not all the actions that requires write permissions in the node are including it, it leads to actions available and errors when trying to execute this actions.

      This is the status of the action bar when a read-only permissions assigned to a node in new pages-app:

      This is how it used to be in 5.7.*:

      Steps to reproduce (bundle with travel-demo)

      1. As superuser, go to the Security App and configure user eric readonly permissions for website > sportstation (role: travel-demo-editor).
      2. Login as eric
      3. Go to pages app and click on /sportstation. See that almost all the actions are available. Choose one: Edit the page > Click on Edit Page Properties > Edit the dialog and save.

      Expected result

      When opening pages app and click on /sportstation(readonly), actions that require write permissions shouldn't be available.

      Current result

      You can select an action that requires writting permissions. An error comes up:


      Decorate the pages-app and add writePermissionRequired: true to all the actions that need it.


      It is just a matter of configuration, pages app should be configured in a correct way as it used to be in the old pages app in 5.7.

      UI test is very easy to write, only use FMUI if it would be very easy to write (would require a user set, including in UI test (bootstrap with a user)

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