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Make messaging for "Asynchronous actions" persistent


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    • 6.2.44
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      Current behaviour


      Setting the asynchronous property to true allows you to run a command action asynchronously in the background. Use this feature for long-running actions that would otherwise block the UI and prevent the user from continuing their work.
      When a user launches an asynchronous action, Magnolia starts to execute the action immediately. If the action is not completed within five seconds, the system will notify the user that the action will take a while to complete.

      The notification will disappear after 2 seconds. The user doesn't have any visual feedback to know what's happening or what the status of the progress is - especially when users do not have enough time to read the (blue) message 

      Scenario 2 

      In the example of the Page deletion, after clicking on the Yes to Deletion message, the blue notification appears temporarily and disappears automatically even if the user does not move the mouse (indicating that there might be more than 1 rule in how we manage these notifications) 

      Desired behavior

      The example is the Commerce configuration which works as expected  

      Default global behavior:

      • Make the message persistent until
        • when moving the cursor, there is a time out of 5 sec
      • The user still can close the notification with the ( x ) button

      Types of notifications

      • Informative (blue):
        • Indication of process in progress
        • indication of process completion
      • Warning (yellow)  
      • Error (red) 


      Docu needs to be updated accordingly https://docs.magnolia-cms.com/product-docs/6.2/apps/developing-an-app/specific-aspects/messages/message-types/#_behavior_3 


      Please note, that this behavior does NOT impact Alerts, nor messages that require an action. E.g. CTA: Are you sure you want to Delete this item? The user must click either yes/no) 


      This ticket describes a shorter-term improvement until a more general solution is available

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