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Phase 2. Add success notification popup for the 4-eye workflow


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      As a user I want to clearly understand if the action I performed was successfully achieved, when using the 4-eye workflow



      • Add the blue success notification popup
        • after the user submits his deletion request - "deletion request sent" 
      • Behavior wise TBD

      Option 1 - as MGNLUI-8694 for simple workflow

        • If MGNLUI-8707 is Done, keep the default behavior. If not yet implemented follow the following rules: 
        • (as is) when the user moves the mouse the notification disappears
        • When the user does not move the mouse, the notification automatically disappears after 2 seconds

      Option 2

        • Leave it long enough to read and a bit more before automatically disappearing
        • Allow the user to close it before if desired

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