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Component Inheritance with Visual SPA Editor


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      As a developer I want to use magnolias 'Component Inheritance' feature when I use the Visual SPA Editor (SPA Renderer and frontend frameworks and REST endpoints) so that I can provide a very comfortable author experience for things like footers, headers and sidebars.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When component inheritance is specified in the templates, then developers can also use this in front-end projects. They have some convenient way to get the inherited contents on sub-pages. Maybe the REST endpoint simply delivers the inherited content directly as if the inherited components were simply on the subpages.


      Component Inheritance is a popular feature in Magnolia templating. It allows authors to configure componets on a top page, and then all of the subpages automatically get that same configuration.

      It is typically used for things like headers, footers and "extra" or "sidebar" content.

      There are workarounds, such as managing that content to be shared across multiple pages in its own unique page, or in a separate app. But the authoring experience is not as good, its more complicated. It would be better to enable this useful features for SPA as well as freemarker templating.



      Use inheritance without rest inheritance in SPA:

      For Discovery phase:

      • Estimation for amount of time to implement.
      • Investigate possible approaches. 

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